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Social Bookmarking

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Social Bookmarking

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Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is now a popular way of creating a bookmark and sharing websites to other members online.  It is simply done by tagging on a website using a web-based tool.  This makes the website easily accessible later.  This way, you are not saving your website to your web browser, but, to the web.  Most social bookmarking sites enable their members to browse based on categories of the items that they want to search.

Why should you buy social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking allows the user to specifically target what exactly they wanted to see.  It makes searching more fast and easy, unlike when you go into a search engine.  Here, it is easier to make a shortlist. Because, here, the result is a no ending pages, but, might just be shortlisted articles.  All you have to do is to choose the most popular site.

The importance of SEO directory submission

Directory submission is a basic method to improve a sites SEO standing.  This technique will bring you some advantages, such as:

  • Easy indexing. When you submit to a directory, you can be easily detected and indexed by popular search engines.
  • Better SEO rankings in major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.
  • Enable your site to get good search engine ranking. Getting more traffic towards your site will increase your SEO ranking and will land you in first pages in every result that comes out, after every search.
  • It builds your brand. Ones you are always seen by many people online, it will make you more popular and improved your brand.
  • It will create more customers. This will all lead to more traffic to your site and subsequently attract more customers to your site.
  • It will create more audience. Once your post is shared or bookmark by many people to their favorite sites, this will build you more audiences.

The benefits of Social Bookmarking

There are some benefits that social bookmarking can bring you.  Here are some of them:

  • You will gain more popularity. You may have tried using a lot of codes to increase your SEO standing, but, this is not the best thing to do, as you may have lost some opportunities.  While in social bookmarking, making a post link of your blog on many social bookmarking sites, users will be redirected to your blog.  Once the visitors will become interested in your blog, they will do the same and bookmark it in different sites.  Just make sure that your contents are consistent of high quality.  If not, you will lose you, visitors.
  • This will also increase traffic to your site. Once you have bookmarked your site and post it in a social bookmarking site, it has big opportunity to attract more traffic to your site.  When somebody who happens to notice your bookmark and they have the same interest with you, they will visit your site and definitely will post it in other social bookmarking sites.  This will create more traffic.
  • A better way of branding. Being posted on a social bookmarking site will boost your brand name. This is one way of creating targeted traffic.  It means the people you are trying to attract to your site, are mostly those who have the have interest with you.
  • Improve SEO ranking. Social Bookmarking site is one convenient way to improve your site. Since it is easier now for your site to get noticed, mostly by targeted traffic, chances are that these people will keep on visiting your site, as they have the same interest with you. Increase traffic in your site will improve your SEO ranking.

How to buy Social Bookmarking?

There are many sites offering to help you in buying social bookmarking.  But, you must be careful in choosing, who among these companies will deliver.  Here are some of the packages offered online

  • Instead of making you create an account to its site you wish to submit, the company will require you to sign-up only once and they will take of the rest.
  • They will offer you several options, like submitting to the whole lists, a specific number of sites or to a favorite.
  • Then you will be required to log-in to your account, enter the URL of the website to be submitted, choose the option you preferred and make payment.
  • Reports are generated for you to be able to track what is happening.

    Social Bookmarking
    Social Bookmarking

Tools used in social bookmarking

  1. Sub Digger. This is a time-saving tool.  This will allow you to browse into your friends Dig submissions.  You just have to enter your username and then sub digger will show your friends submission and eventually, you will be able to see their contents.
  2. This tool will send your post to 20 other social bookmarking sites with just a click of a button.  There are several options for you to choose from.
  3. Social Blade. This toll provides important data’s such as front-page analytics and some lists of Digg users.
  4. Pr. This tool allows you to track down all your StumbleUpon submissions. This is best to know how effective is your link’s, in the community.
  5. Social Bookmarking Demon. This one is similar to OnlyWire, but,  it has more advanced features.


Social bookmarking is very useful if you want to boost your website’s presence online.  It helps you achieve that task in a very fast manner.  This is also one way of getting visitors to your site, who have the same interest with you and increase your chances of adding more followers to your site.

Buying social bookmarking is a good way to temporarily achieve the task, but, you cannot be dependent on the technique for a long time.

Social bookmarking will only work if the content of your site is of the best quality.  You must be consistent in posting interesting and high-quality contents of your site, to retain your following.   Because, once you post contents that are inconsistent from your earlier posts, some of your new followers will leave you and un-follow you.


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