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Why you should Buy Negative Yelp Reviews

Business is no longer the same. Since the dawn of the internet, so much has changed in terms of how people do business. Initially, you simply had put a superior product in the market and your customer will tell another and another and your business grows. Currently, it is hard to run a business completely ignoring the internet – especially in the developed world. The perception of your business on the internet is extremely important.

Most customers will not buy a product without checking online what previous customers say about the product. Most customers are also likely to visit business websites with better reviews. 90% of customers read reviews before visiting business websites.

Buy Yelp ReviewsThere is no doubt that business reviews influence a lot the perception towards it by customers and hence the number of customers the business attracts. There are many online tools that provide a platform for customers to air their opinions/post reviews on businesses online.

Yelp is one of those tools and it takes a sizable proportion of online reviews. Having positive reviews on Yelp is thus one good way of boosting the perception of your business to customers online. This gives the need to buy Yelp reviews.

What Is Yelp Reviews

Yelp is a multinational company headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA. The company developed the Yelp application and website that hosts a review forum. In addition to the forum, it also offers training to small companies and businesses on how to manage reviews and interact with reviewers.

The company was found in 2004 by Jeremy Stop Pelman and Russel Simmons who were both former Paypal employees. By 2010, it already published over 4.5 million reviews. Around the same time, it also expanded to Europe and Asia. The growth of the company has been tremendous and in the first quarter of 2017, it received 64 million unique visitors and 77 million unique visitors on its mobile app and via desktop computer respectively.

Yelp is dedicated to individual locations which could be a restaurant, a shopping place, a school, etc. Users in the said locations submit their reviews on the products or services offered in the said place and then give a star rating using a rating system that is 5 stars for excellent and 1 star for very poor.

Sterling Market Intelligence ranks Yelp as one of the most important websites on the internet.

The advantage of buying Negative Yelp Reviews

Many people ask the question, ‘why should I buy reviews? Is it safe to buy reviews?’

Well, in this subtopic we are going to try and give you the answers to it by stating the advantages of buying Yelp reviews.

The Yelp Website gets over 145 million unique users every month. This shows how much people have trust in Yelp. It is very popular within the business community and having positive reviews on it can really boost your business’ perception. A decent number of positive reviews of your business on Yelp thus can easily convince customers that yours is a trusted business.

Buying Yelp reviews creates a trust that can’t be achieved with normal advertising. Customers tend to trust other customers than a business just advertising themselves. It is hard for a potential customer to mistrust the reviews of a past customer unless they are just too extreme.

Buying yelp reviews can double your profits in a very short period of time. As more customers get to know about your business, they password to other customers and the list goes on. Soon, your business gets flooded with people who would never have heard of it in normal circumstances.

SEO and Yelp reviews

Buy 5 star Yelp ReviewsReputation is an extremely valuable asset in a business. Whatever is said on your business is of paramount importance and it tends to spread like wildfire when it is online. It is always important to listen to the online feedback to your business and take the necessary steps to ensure the feedback remains on the positive side.

More people are relying on online reviews to decide on which products to buy and which services to get. There are three main reasons why online reviews are very important.

  • They increase your online visibility and push your company to the top of search engine results.
  • They influence the search results that get clicked on. Most customers tend to click on results with the highest rating.
  • They influence the purchasing decisions of customers.

Online reviews are thus as important to your local SEO as on-site optimization.

MOZ’s local search ranking surveys concluded that reviews take up 10% of how the Google search engine decides to rank search results. It thus makes it better when your reviews are positive considering your company is high on the search results and with the right ratings.

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