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Why Should You Buy Negative TripAdvisor reviews

TripAdvisor is a review website that focuses on restaurants, eateries, hotels and other accommodations. It also has a forum where travelers can interact and learn about the quality and pricing of the above mentioned in places they would want to visit. It is headquartered in Need ham, Massachusetts in the USA.

TripAdvisor is popular with large numbers of reviews. Tripadvisor was the first website to allow users to air their views online for other users to access. It is thus one of the most popular travel review tools available.

Buy TripAdvisor ReviewsInternet reviews are the in-thing in the 21st century. Many businesses now attract customers solely from the internet. The internet is a cheaper and way more effective method of marketing your business than the traditional advertising that was popular just before the internet or the normal producing a quality product and letting the quality speak for you.

Currently, the perception the internet has on your product can be the only boundary between the success and failure of your business.

Being one of the most popular travel review websites, a good rating on TripAdvisor could see your business go a long way. You wouldn’t want a bad rating on it either. That is enough reason why you should buy negative tripadvisor reviews.

What Are TripAdvisor Reviews

Like I already mentioned above, Tripadvisor is an American company that focuses on content about eateries and accommodations around the world.

Tripadvisor was found in 2000 by Thomas Palka Langley, Nick Shanny, Steinert, and Stephen Kaufer. Tripadvisor was acquired by IAC/InterActiveCorp in 2004.

Tripadvisor media groups run 25 travel brands. Tripadvisor is just one of them.

Tripadvisor receives over 67 million unique visitors monthly making it one of the largest travel websites in the world. Tripadvisor offers a platform where travelers can share their experiences of places, eateries, and accommodations and give a ranking. More popular businesses on Tripadvisor tend to get a higher ranking.

Tripadvisor has developed an algorithm that determines how good your business ranks. The algorithm was developed after some properties jumped so high on the ranking based on a few excellent reviews. Currently, TripAdvisor gives ranking based on:-

  • Quality – the higher the average star rating, the higher the ranking.
  • Recency – more recent ratings are given a higher value than past ratings.
  • Quantity – this was placed to avoid properties with few good reviews jumping to the top. More reviews put a property higher.

The advantage of  Buy Negative TripAdvisor Reviews

Tripadvisor is one of the most popular travel websites that allow travelers to share their experiences and give ratings of places they visit. TripAdvisor is also a major source of information to most would-be travelers before they embark on travel.

There is thus a need for your business to have a good TripAdvisor ranting if you are involved in the hospitality business.  Here are some of the advantages of buying TripAdvisor reviews and improving your ranking on TripAdvisor.

  • The uniqueness of TripAdvisor that allows users to post not only reviews but also photographs makes it a trusted website for travelers. This puts it ahead of its competitors as a haven for more serious travelers; thus a good rating on it improves your business greatly.
  • Users can book hotels and restaurants directly from the TripAdvisor website. This increases the importance of a good rating on TripAdvisor since it has a better capacity of converting potential clients into actual clients. A good rating on the website can instantly earn you an extra customer.
  • TripAdvisor allows hotel managers to respond to reviews. This can help you showcase the good customer experience of business to potential customers.

buy negative tripadvisor reviews

SEO and importance of Buy Negative TripAdvisor Reviews

Online presence is ubiquitous in modern marketing. The ancient practice revolved around quality pulling customers, but currently, perception is the key. Here are some of the advantages of TripAdvisor reviews to SEO.

Reviews act as backlinks – opinions by customers translate into backlinks. Again, Google evaluates the strength of reviews based on the history of the reviewer. This means customers with active accounts on social media that have significant followings will have a significant impact on the rankings on google searches when they leave a review of your establishment.

Other than that, large quantities of reviews, irrespective of who posts them, will raise your business’ ranking on Google and other searches and general online visibility.


Buying Tripadvisor reviews on our website can help spur the rankings of your business on search engines and increase its online presence by a pretty good margin. The reviews will not only pull customers indirectly but also directly to your website through direct bookings that are available on TripAdvisor. Contact us to Buy Negative TripAdvisor Reviews.

Better still, you or your manager can respond to queries online by customers posting reviews – whether negative or positive. This will improve your interaction with your customers and improve the overall perception of the customer experience of your business.

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